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K1 Business Partners

Kiflo - PRM Solutions

Kiflo is one of the worlds best designed PRM platforms for SaaS start-up and scale up companies. It has a very easy to use interface and price affordably. Kiflo streamlines every stage of your partnerships business including building your partnerships program, manage the recruitment and onboarding of your business partners. With Kilfo you can also easily build your partnership portal, share your assets, manage the partner deal registration process and reporting.

Mahdlo - CRO, CMO & CPO Fractional Resources

Mahdlo one of North America's premier Revenue (CRO) and Marketing (CMO) Fractional consulting companies.

K1 is partnering with Mahdlo to bring UK, Europe and APAC companies to the North American Market.


Mahdlo & K1 are one of the first Fractional Consultancies to bring CRO, CMO & CPO resources to companies to accelerate direct and partnerships revenue. .

RN Consulting  - Growth Consulting & Execution

Early stage sales is a vital part of any company looking to grow. In order to scale past founder-led sales and reach your long term goals as a founder, it's important to put a proven process and structure in place for someone else to execute on.


The CEO of RN Consulting I've lived this 4x and have successfully put these processes in place to get desirable outcomes for founders (raising capital, acquisition, increasing growth rate, etc.)


Since 2004 NetExam has been focused on providing training and enablement solutions to improve the quality of the way partners can mange the sales, pre-sales and enablement process.

Ai & eLearning for your partners sales, pre-sales and implementation teams which can be customised and measured by AI.

VMC  - Enterprise Channel Enablement 
VMC Global is a company that enables larger distributor & reseller channels to enhance the digital buying process, by providing digital video campaigns and customised collateral that can be easily managed and distributed at scale.


VMC works with large food manufactures, insurance companies and large IT distribution channels and provide solutions to manage and accelerate the digital buying process, as well as providing channel sales enablement and training.

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