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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of organisations have you worked with?

Our founders have worked with many of the world leading organisations and have experience in working with innovative SaaS start-ups, cloud big data and artificial intelligence companies, consulting companies, and the large cloud ecosystem vendors.

How will K1 implement a partner program that is right for my business?

The K1 team will initially work through an analysis phase as part of the early-stage consultation so we can understand more about your business model, go-to-market strategies, existing partnership program structure, current challenges, and partnership objectives. We will then provide you with recommendations on how to move forward.

Do you partner with other partnership and channel organisations?

We believe that strength comes from a true partnership business model and for many years we have developed partnerships with leading organizations which include.

  • Partner data management

  • Partner relationship management 

  • Partner marketing and lead generation

  • Channel consulting companies

  • Partner optimization

How will modern cloud vendors partner programs impact my business?

With the development of cloud technologies, mobile applications, and artificial intelligence several of the large cloud ecosystem vendors have restructured their organization to become more partner-centric. This also has included focusing their sales teams and incentivizing them to sell partner-led software and services with the objective of driving cloud revenue. There has never been a better time to align with the cloud vendors' partnership programs and business models.

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