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K1 Business Partners

Kiflo - PRM Solutions

Kiflo is one of the worlds best designed PRM platforms for SaaS start-up and scale up companies. It has a very easy to use interface and price affordably. Kiflo streamlines every stage of your partnerships business including building your partnerships program, manage the recruitment and onboarding of your business partners. With Kilfo you can also easily build your partnership portal, share your assets, manage the partner deal registration process and reporting.

Mahdlo - CRO, CMO & CPO Fractional Resources

Mahdlo one of North America's premier Revenue (CRO) and Marketing (CMO) Fractional consulting companies.

K1 is partnering with Mahdlo to bring UK, Europe and APAC companies to the North American Market.


Mahdlo & K1 are one of the first Fractional Consultancies to bring CRO, CMO & CPO resources to companies to accelerate direct and partnerships revenue. .

Mind Matrix - Enterprise PRM

Since 1998 Mind Matrix has been focused on helping companies sell more, and manage the complexity of partnerships businesses. 


Today Mind Matrix provides both enterprise and mid market PRM solutions including PRM solutions, partner marketing, learning and development, deal registration and cutting edge AI solutions.  Mind Matrix PRM Software and partner marketing software platforms are trusted by many industry leading companies.

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